Williamson Chamber of Commerce

About Williamson

Williamson, like many small towns across the country, has had to adjust to the economic changes caused by "marts," malls and the Internet. Unlike so many other rural towns, Williamson has been able to maintain a vibrant business climate.

The Four Corners of the historic business district at the intersection of State Rt. 21 and Ridge Road has the advantage of several anchor stores. Vacancies are low, with a variety of businesses inhabiting the turn-of-the-century buildings. Current tenants include a gift and craft shop, auto parts store, realtor and insurance offices, as well as a taxidermist, clothing store and several beauty salons.

Outside of the traditional business district, Williamson has long-established commercial and industrial businesses. Several food processing and fruit storage firms, car dealerships, a grocery store, pharmacy and chain restaurants are among the businesses located in the commercial sector bordering State Rt. 104.

The historic Hamlet of Pultneyville offers an up-scale restaurant located on Lake Ontario, an art gallery showcasing local artisans, a deli-style eatery, a country shop where you can buy home furnishings, antiques and upholstered furniture and the Historical Society Museum that showcases our area's history.

Williamson is an agricultural community. There are over 30 family-owned fruit and produce farms that provide a significant supply of apples and other produce to the world market. The food processing and fruit storage enterprises located in Williamson are both supported by, and support, the local agricultural economy.

Many local farm markets and stands provide fresh produce to residents and visitors along with a winery and a new distillery that offer wines and vodka made from local fruits.

The entrepreneurial spirit abounds here, as most of the over 290 businesses located in Williamson are owned by residents. Williamson-based businesses include everything from medical, insurance and law offices to cosmetics sales, photographers, auto service, home improvement, and woodworking shops.

This slice of small town America will continue to adjust to changing economic times with the support of organizations such as the Business Improvement District, Garden Club and Chamber of Commerce, just a few of the 29 organizations invested in Williamson.

The vision of a welcoming, visitor-friendly Main Street and the careful growth of an agriculture related industrial area is shared by many who are willing to work to insure that this little bit of rural New York enhances the lives of residents and visitors alike.

Any questions or comments can be directed to president@williamsonchamberofcommerce.com